Thursday, September 27, 2012

Club Med Kani, Maldives - Arrival

We arrived at 9:45 p.m. local which was 12:45 a.m. Malaysian time. After a 4 hours flight, we were tired. Maldives international airport looks pretty much like the one we have at Pulau Langkawi. Small and rather unorganized. After clearing customs, we walked out of the arrival hall expecting greeting cards from Club Med with our name but there were none. Lost and unhappy, we asked around and were directed to a small Club Med counter. We were tagged with a green wrist band (something which  will bring us much more attention and privileges as we found out later) and  were asked to wait. And we waited and waited. We ended sitting by the roadside because we were supposed to wait for another flight from Singapore and since both flights are arriving apparently 5 minutes apart in the middle of the night, the management thinks that it is good logistic to group guests from this two flights together.

We waited for a good half an hour before the group checked out and walked out from the arrival hall, by which time, we were already extremely agitated, frustrated, not to mention to dead tire. After all, our body clock was telling us that it was time to hit the sack as it was already well past 2 a.m.

But whatever frustration we have quickly gave way to the  exhilarating experience of riding in a 16 people capacity speedboat powered by a twin Yamaha 200 engine, speeding and bouncing on the waves in total darkness of the night into nowhere. The darkness of night with the skies littered with stars, something that we do not get to see back home. There was a deep sense of excitement akin a small kid taking his first ride, and at the same time, fear, though i was trying very hard not to show. 

The cold sea breeze and the excitement certainly woke us up, and if our eyes were ever tempted to momentarily closed, they were quickly woken either by a rough bounce as the boat hit a wave or the captain of the boat taking a sharp turn, tossing us from one side to another, probably to keep us awake.

After 30 minutes of riding in almost complete darkness into more darkness, we were finally greeted with some faint lights from a far off jetty. As we disembarked, several GOs were there to greet us and led us to the village grounds. 

The walk from the jetty that stretched a good 100 meters from the shore in almost total darkness, only lighted up by small faint lights along the jetty 2 or 3 meters apart, gave me the opportunity to admire the countless twinkling stars hanging above in the vast darkness.

Since we were the only pair who would prefer to have our briefing in English, Angeline, the Lagoon Suites Manager took over and led us to Manta Lounge, dedicated for Lagoon Suite's guests. 

Club Med Lagoon suites are designed pretty much like the one we experienced at Sepang Gold Coast Palm Resort with water chalets and villas built like palm branches stretching into the ocean. I must said that the villas in Sepang Gold Coast are definitely much newer and nicer in my opinion but nothing could beat the clarity of the water on which the suites were built on. 

After a short briefing, we were shown to our suite. They are definitely built for honeymooners and couples who would want to spent some quiet and quality time together. Everything was designed with romance in mind, from the large wooden king size bed with overhanging, nicely draped lacy mosquito netting to the bath tub thoughtfully positioned with a good view of the ocean from almost every side, where one can spent hours with your lover, frolicking and relaxing with a cold glass of complimentary champagne in hand.

We were tired but then the night was still young as far as Club Med in concern. It was only slightly past midnight. Dumping our bags, we took a slow walk under the stars to Iru Bar where the music was beckoning. As with the "All Inclusive" package that Club Med offers, one do not have to worry of not getting enough alcohol, as beer and wine and in the case of being guests at the Lagoon Suites, champagne is aplenty.

With a beer in hand and my better half in my arms, we walked back to our suite ready to retire for the night and getting ourselves all ready for our escapade on this romantic paradise for the next five days.


  1. Breathtaking indeed. Definitely made to be enjoyed in pairs, makes me wanna get married tomorrow. LOL.