Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fire & Sage, Marriott Hotel Washington DC

Before I move on to my next destination after Washington DC, I would love to share a little on the restaurants, food and diners that I have the privilege and opportunity to try out while I was in Washington DC.

On the day of our arrival, we were too tired to really walk about to look for food. After a short walk from the Grand Hyatt where we stayed, we came across this fine dining restaurant located at the Marriott Hotel called FIRE & SAGE.

The menu looked inviting and so, we stepped in to give it a try.

I'm not sure whether the food is expensive by US standards as I think they looked ok in USD. Of course, if you start converting them to Malaysian Ringgit, they will look exorbitant.

Starters and appertizers starts from USD10 which I thought was pretty reasonable considering that this is a restaurant located in Marriott Hotel.
The starters were superb and delicious and I in particular loved the fire roasted pear salad. The crab meat cake was also another succulent dish. Unlike some other places where crab meat cake is more cake with flour than meat, we can literrally taste and have crab meat here....
Being a meat person, I am always interested to try out steak dishes wherever I go. Happy to say, the steak that I ordered did not disappoint. The risotto with pan seared scallop was another yummy main course that did not disappoint. Overall, we had a great meal and I actually went back one more time before I left this great city.....

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