Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Washington National Cathedral - Magnificent and Breathtaking Architectual

July 2010

Another location that one must visit is the Washington National Cathedral. It is truly a magnificent and breathtaking building, built in classical Gothic style which makes it looks like it was built somewhere in Europe in the Middle Ages.

Construction started in 1907 but was only completed in 1990, taking a staggering 84 years to complete. The cathedral is also known as the Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul. It is 301 feet high and 517 feet long. This limestone building was built with minimal concrete and structural steel but medieval techniques were used.

When I walked into the main hall, the high ceiling and her structure amplifies her grandness and the feeling is simply awesome. There are many halls and different chambers and each with their own uniqueness and stories to tell. Besides being a venue where several past presidents' funeral was held, the most recent being the funeral of former President Ronald Regan, it is also a venue where many famous have preached from her pulpit.

A wooden garden chair in the garden at the back of the cathedral surrounding by beautiful and serene greenery. I wonder who would have sat there over the years .....

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