Thursday, May 12, 2011

Washington Monument - A tribute to a great man

I love Washington DC simply because there are so many attractions and sites to visit and truly a photography haven. It is a very easy city to navigate from one attractions to another and withing a day, you would be walking about as if you have stayed there for years.

Another attraction that truly baffles me is the Washington Monument, yet another magnificent and interesting architecture. Again, it is easy to identify with the attractions in Washington as many of them have appeared or featured so frequently in movies that we have grown to love.

You would not miss this magnificent structure anywhere in Washington as it stands over 555 feet tall. The cornerstone was laid on the fourth of July 1848 but the monument was not completed until 1884. The break in between due to political turmoil and a lack of funds, can be seen and witnessed in the two tone colours of the white marbles used for the construction.

This monument was built as a tribute to George Washington's military leadership between 1775 to 1783 during the American Revolution.

The Washington Monument is opened daily from 9am to 4.45pm where admission requires a free ticket which must be reserved in advance.

A very familiar view. One you would remember if you have watched Forest Gump where Gump ran to meet up with Jeannie who was running through the pool. I took this shot from the exact same spot where Dr Martin Lurther King gave his famous `I have a dream' speech. The feeling of just standing there was phenomena and I can still hear his powerful words echoing in my head and the surrounding ...

A peek of the Washington Monument through a connecting bridge on our way to visit the Jefferson's Memorial.

Like I said earlier, you can see this monument from almost anywhere in Washington DC. I love the dramatic skies and clouds formation with the clear reflection on the lake.

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