Friday, July 5, 2013

Illusive Bill Gates

I did a lot of travelling last year. Besides the trip to Club Med Maldives, we made two separate trips to US. One was to Atlanta followed by San Francisco and another was to Seattle followed by Los Angeles and San Diego.

I have always wanted to visit Seattle, especially after I read about the Pikes Street Fish Market in the management book aptly named "The Fish". The movie "Sleepless in Seattle" by Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan comes into mind too.

It was a long and tiring flight from Kuala Lumpur to Seattle after transiting in Los Angeles. By the time, we got to our hotel, the Hyatt Regency at Bellevue, Seattle, it was already rather late. As the taxi pulled into the hotel lobby, we literally drag our luggage down from the taxi and just as we were about to entire the lobby, lo and behold, standing outside the hotel a short distance away, was Mr. Bill Gates waiting for his car. This is probably as close as one could get to Bill Gates and beyond my wildest imagination. I was stunned and rooted to the ground. Before I could react, this illusive and reclusive gentleman got into his two door luxurious sport car and roared off into the night, with the only chance of my lifetime to meet and probably shake the hands of this great man of our century.
Bellevue is a very nice suburb in Seattle, away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Seattle. Up market with enough malls, shops, F&B outlets and pubs to cater for the many companies that have made this suburb their office. The community that stays here looks like a tightly knitted community. The following morning, as I took a walk in the park nearby, I met a very nice old couple who told me as we chatted that they have been faithfully going for their morning walks in that same park for the last 40 years and I can see why judging from the serenity and beauty of this place.

This is truly a place that I could make my home, if I am ever coming to stay in US but unfortunately, this place is also highly expensive. 

Next post, the Pikes Fish Market, the place that I have read so much about and eager to see with my very own eyes.

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