Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sunset at Kuala Selangor

May 2010

Took my new toy (Nikon d90) for my first spin.

We have always love seafood and Kuala Selangor has always been one of our favourite spots for a number of years now. We would generally prefer to leave early on a Sunday morning and take a 1.5 hours leisurely drive and stuffed ourselves crazy during lunch.

Our favourite would be dishes like crabs fried with salted egg and mantis prawns steamed with egg and Chinese wine. After a hefty lunch, we would walk about the many stalls selling both fresh and dried seafood and grab some home.

The restaurant that we frequent is located just next to the river and we often get a good view of the many fishing boats travelling up and down the river.

I was hoping to catch this scene in the evening, with fishing boats coming home from their daily catch against the backdrop of a (hopefully) spectacular sunset. Hence, for this trip, we intentionally started at about 4p.m. on a carefree time to catch the sunset.

I was not disappointed ......

A lone fisherman sitting on his little sampan probably pondering over his day

A fishing boat coming home after a long day out at sea with her catch

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