Friday, July 20, 2012

USA Atlanta Georgia: World of Coca Cola - It's the REAL THING!

Now who have not heard of Coca Cola, also fondly called Coke? Who has not at least have a glass of Coke in his or her lifetime? For some, Coke is the almost like a stable diet.
Coca Cola is not just a carbonated soft drink. Coca Cola is just not any carbonated soft drink. Coca Cola is an icon of our very existence. Coca Cola embodies the celebration of life. Over the years, Coca Cola has reached the farthest part of our globe and the unique curvy bottle is probably one of the most recognisable item in our lives. To some of course, it is the root of all evil, a constant temptation that throws our diet program out the window ....

Do you still remember the movie "Thank God is Friday" where the entire story line started with an empty Coca Cola bottle being dropped from the sky? Do you still remember the catchy "I'd like to buy the world a Coke...It's the Real THING" Coca Cola song? This commercial was probably Coca Cola's most successful advertising song in 1971, sang by a group of teenagers on a hill in Italy. I certainly do. I grew up with Coca Cola but little do I realise and know how big this drink and the impact it has to the world till I visit the WORLD OF COCA COLA in Atlanta.
The formula of Coca Cola was created by John S Pemberton in 1886. He was a respected pharmacist who was looking for something unique to refresh customers who were coming into soda fountains in the late 19th century. Candler who recognised the potential of this formula bought over the formula and the right of Coca Cola from Pemberton for USD2300! In 1915, a company bought over the rights from Candler for a cool USD25 million. The purchase was financed via a bank loan and the collateral for the loan was nothing more than THE FORMULA of COCA COLA! The formula was kept in the bank vault in New York until the loan was fully repaid, after which the formula was moved back to Atlanta.
The Vault, entrance into the history of Coca Cola, with all her stories, myths and facts. Therein, lies the actual vault that still locks the actual formula today.

Robert W. Woodruff who became the President of the company in 1923 was responsible for the expansion of the brand for the next six decades, making Coca Cola available in at least 53 countries around the world during the six decades.

The success of the formula of Coca Cola sparked off many imitations as well as claims on the origin of the formula created by Pemberton, some coming as far as India. So secretive was the formula that it was apparently reported that only two persons in the world then knew of half of the formula each and they were never allowed to travel together.
A statute of Dr John S Pemberton offering you a cup of Coca Cola

Between 1960 to 1981, the Company embarked on the introduction of other drinks such as the popular Sprite and Fanta. Diet Coke was introduced in 1982, the very first extension of the Coca Cola trademark.
The World of Coca Cola in Atlanta is located on the southern edge of Pemberton Place at Downtown Atlanta. Opens daily from 10am, this is the place to get first hand knowledge of when and how Coke becomes what Coke is today. As you walked through the different sections, one will begin to appreciate this drink that we have all grown up even more.
The main entrance of the World of Coca Cola with a wall lined with multiple TVs displaying the many happy faces of people who is enjoying Coca Cola around the world and in the center, a collection of seven giant size uniquely decorated Coca Cola bottle from seven different countries around the world which include China and New Zealand.
The history and story of Coca Cola explained .....
Inside the Vault, one will be introduced to the many stories, myths, facts or fictions and trivial facts surrounding this extremely successful product around the world ....
..and of course, the biggest secret of Coca Cola is the secret formula of this addictive drink...what exactly are the ingredients that make up this carbonated drink that has taken the world by storm, a formula so secretive that a bank is willing to provide a loan of USD25 million way back in 1915....
In the "Taste It" section, you can take your taste buds on a trip around the world, sampling over 60 different beverages. Before you leave, you will also receive a free commemorative bottle of Coca Cola produced here.
and of course, there is the Coca Cola souvenir store where you can purchased anything with the Coca Cola branding. All you need is your plastic card or good old US dollars.
So, here we are. At the center and birthplace of Coca Cola, the drink that we all have grown up with, the drink that some can not live without, a drink that the curvy bottle has been made an international immediately recognizable icon, a drink that have sparked off so many imitations and wannabe over the years and the drink whose formula has become one of the world best kept secret that still leaves many dumbfounded and ever curious ..

So, the next time you pick a bottle or a can of Coca Cola, it is just not a bottle of carbonated soft drink that you are is a culture that celebrates life. I know I will look at Coca Cola from now on with a different perspective ....


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