Monday, October 14, 2013

Autumn In Korea

There is something magical and romantic about autumn. I do not know exactly what it is but even a boring and simple place can be magically transformed into an interesting scene with a touch of romance in the air amidst the amber, orange, yellow and green leaves turning red.

I have seen pictures of beautiful autumn from pictures of my friends who had the opportunity to visit New Zealand. The colours of the trees and hills were amazing and breathtaking. Ever since then, I harbor this deep desire and hope that I would have an opportunity to experience autumn in all her colours and grandeur.

Coming from Malaysia, a tropical country with only two seasons, namely the dry or the rainy season, the only way I could see or experience the four seasons is to get out from the country and that I did three years ago, when I had to opportunity to visit South Korea in October. I was all excited yet at the same time, worried that I would miss the beauty of autumn as I was told that the period of which the leaves actually changed colours before dropping off as winter approaches is rather short, namely only a couple of weeks. I had to be there at exactly the right moment.

 Taken at a park at the heart of Seoul

When I touched down in Seoul, the leaves was just about to change but most were still green, slowly turning yellow. The time was not yet right. I was a little disappointed and I was worried that I would miss it as I would be traveling to Jeju Island next and then back to Malaysia.

 A spring at the foot of Mount Seoraksan

My dream came true when I made a day trip to the magical Mount Seoraksan. The higher attitude meant that autumn reached this part of the country a little earlier than Seoul and hence, the leaves were already changing. Luck was with me as I was there right in the middle of it all and I must said that I struck with awe, seeing these yellow, orange and red leaves with my own eyes. The scene looked so surreal to me and likened to one that has just came out from a post card that I have seen years before. Yet, there I was, absorbing the atmosphere, touching the leaves and breathing in the fresh autumn air.

That was my first autumn and was three years ago. Autumn is now in Beijing and I was told that the leaves would change colours in the next couple of weeks. I will be heading to the wild side of the Great Wall for a 2 days hike and an overnight camping trip and I was told that the leaves should be changing colours around this time. 

 A serene and quiet walking path at Mount Seoraksan

Just like a little kid looking forward to visit the circus for the very first time, my excitement is building by the day as the weekend approaches. I have checked and rechecked my camera gear for the umpteen time to make sure that I have everything ready and even bought myself an additional 16GB memory card for this trip.

I have a date with autumn!  

I am not the only one mesmerized by the beauty of autumn. I caught this very talented man capturing the beauty of autumn, the way he sees it on his canvas, as I captured him in mine. He was not too happy when he found out but this remains one of my favorite shot. Hahahaha

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