Friday, May 25, 2012

New York : Trump International Hotel and Tower

Now who would not have heard of Donald Trump these days? His clever marketing strategy in positioning himself as the BOSS in the reality corporate cut throat rat race THE APPRENTICE has definitely cemented his status as a huge corporate figure not only in US but worldwide.

His famous last say at the end of each episode "You are FIRED!" has been cemented to Donald Trump as much as the word Colgate to toothpaste and Pampers to diapers.

Personally, I have never much taken a liking to this over egoistic bragging real estate mogul but then again, that is who he is and who he wanted to world to perceive him. But the fact remains that he has created a hell of a empire for himself and that is impressive.

Being in New York, it becomes inevitable that I consciously look out for his iconic property. I find the Trump International Hotel and Tower impressive. Well, I do not have the luxury to stay in this 5 star luxury hotel nor dined in her famous 3-Michelin-starred Jean Georges restaurant.

Located just opposite the Central Park, at the junction of Central Park West and Broadway right in the heart of Manhattan, this would be a good place to stay and I am certain that the view of Central Park tucked neatly among the sky scrappers of New York would have been magnificent.

Who knows, maybe one of these days, I might just find myself staying in one of those suites and looking out from her 10 foot floor to ceiling glass windows at Central Park and New York ...yupe...just maybe .....

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