Monday, May 7, 2012

Comparision between Club Med Bali, Bintan Island and Cherating (Part IV) - Beaches

Club Med Bali

Since all these three resorts are seaside resorts, it is natural to do a simple comparison of the beaches of these three Club Meds.

For this post, I will dedicate to write and post pictures of the beach in Club Med Bali.

The beach at Club Med Bali is a public beach and hence accessible by the public besides the guests of Club Med. As a result, one do not really sense the privacy or the exclusivity factor. There is also that sense of insecurity as we walked and played on the beach as we see a constant flow of locals walking past or out to sea to do their fishing.

The sand is rough and unattractive to us and the water rather dirty and murky. I don't think the beach fronting the resort is `swim-able'. The entire time we were there, we spent most of the time in the pool rather than the beach. It is good thing that their pool is the largest and the best pool (as far as we are concerned) in comparison to the one in Cherating or Bintan Island.

All three Club Med's face the east and hence present good opportunity to capture some pretty spectacular sun rise shots. These were some of the sun rise shots I was blessed with during my visit ....

 Since this is a public beach, you will find a growing number of locals early in the morning walking out towards the sea with the low tide to fish ......
The lone wooden pergola that they have erected along the beach adds interest in the following shot with her clear reflection as the sun rises ...

I will posting my review on the beach and the sun rise pictures captured at Club Med Cherating. It is definitely a much better beach than this one at Bali .....


  1. wow the scenery there is awesome! i hope it doesnt cost too much for a stay there

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  2. Hei Fish. CLub Med is normally pricey but considering that it is all inclusive, it is worth giving a thought. Moreover, we only will book when they run their BUY ONE FREE ONE promotion. Then it is excellent value for money. Basically it is 50% discount. Watch out for their promotion, normally around the March MATTA fair period .....We have also booked our trip to Club Med Maldives this coming September ....:)