Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Rides and Performances

Mentioned Universal Studio and images of adrenalin pumping and death defying rides come to mind. And yes, you are right. There are plenty of those and I just cannot fathom myself sitting in any one of these life threatening thrill rides. I would have if I was in my early twenties but not when I am in my late forties and with a phobia of heights that high. I am not even sure if my heart will take the pounding or my body could recover with all those adrenalin pumping.

If you are game for rides, I am sure you will have the best  time in the world. I visited Universal Studio Singapore in 2011. Now, there is the new Transformer Ride which I heard which is simply awesome.

However, if you are not into rides like yours truly, there are still the various street performances to keep you entertained and engaged. There are normally held at specific times during the day at various location. Hence, keep an eye out and you would not be disappointed. 

 Lively dances by a group of voluptuous beautiful ladies
 or the fantastic harmony of these group of dashing gentlemen that will surely make you weak at the knees....
enjoy the pure youthful energy of these guys performing their street dance.

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