Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Korea : Daepohang Port (Fishy Fishy)

Sorry for the recent absence folks. Just got back from Beijing for a one week scouting trip. We would be relocating there in October 2012 and the last one week was spent getting to know Beijing a little (since we have never been to Beijing before) besides checking out schools and apartments. I still managed to visit the Temple of Heaven and the Great Wall at Mutianyu despite our busy schedule. Will get to that in my next post before I forget.

But for now, back to Korea.

On our trip to see Seoraksan (my last post), we were brought to the little town by the seaside, known as Daepohang, located at Sokcho. Daepohang Port as this place is commonly called, is a small little fishing town and is a MUST visit destination for those travelling up to Seoraksan.

Here, you will find yourselves walking along a narrow street, one side lined by vendors akin a wet market back in Malaysia, selling fresh seafood of almost every size, shape and colour and the other side lined with seafood restaurants, ever so tempting.

A walk in the wet market and you will discover that it is bustling with activities of both locals and tourist alike choosing and bargaining over the wide variety of fresh, and when I said fresh, I really meant LIFE seafood, swimming in the pots and containers of multiple colors.

Taking a slow stroll along this place allows you to witness a little about the lifestyle of the locals who have been plying their trade here for decades. It was also simply amazing to see so many species of FRESH seafood which either I have not seen before or have only seen them frozen from supermarkets.
Those were Fresh salmon roe...something I don't get to see at all back home..Simply superb...

The only regret I have was I was not able to spent some time here to savor these fresh tempting seafood that looked so succulent and delicious simply because our tour has our lunch menu planned elsewhere as we rush to Seoraksan. Given another opportunity, I would definitely want to come back and sit by the wooden benches, having my raw sashimi, downing Korean shochu and enjoying the view of those graceful seagulls gliding just above the calm blue waters .....Care to join me?

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