Monday, May 14, 2012

Bali : Mengwi Temple (Taman Ayun Temple)

The half day excursion tour that we took from Club Med Bali besides the Tanah Lot Temple was the Mengwi Temple, also known as the Taman Ayun Temple.

This is the royal family temple located approximately 18km from Denpasar, built in 1634AD. Taman Ayun literally means `the Beautiful Garden.'

It basically consists of 3 yards. The out most is known is the common place and less holy. The central yard is for the preparation of materials for rituals while the inner most yard is the holiest yard known as the Jeroan yard.

The Temple is surrounded by a large fish pond.

It was unfortunate that the skies were rather dull and gloomy by the time and hence, I could not really get any reasonably good bright pictures of this magnificent temple.

Then gate leading to the Temple ..

Got my son to pose his famous Kung Fu stance and with zoom burst, managed to capture this shot, imagining him as the hero in Mortal Kombat ....hehehehe

Bali is indeed a very very nice place for photography with all her diversity. Unfortunately, I do not have the time this visit to visit more places and indulged in my passion of photography. Bali, I will be surely be back for more ......


  1. your son looks cool! :) interested in learning some kungfu?

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  2. Thanks...this little loves kung fu...We are planning to get him started on whusu once we reached 5 years because that is the minimum age that they will take him ....