Monday, April 25, 2011

Transit at Amsterdam - Easy and Carefree

July 2010

On our way back, we had our transit again at Amsterdam. This round, we took a stroll along the quiet, serene and charming streets of Amsterdam, allowing ourselves to be totally immersed in the Amsterdam’s carefree life style and atmosphere.

For the uninitiated, the streets can be confusing as every street looks `exactly’ the same to us. Every house looks peculiarly familiar. The streets look similar and there is always the canal. We tried very hard to keep close to the train tracks to ensure that we don’t loose our way and ended up missing our flight.

Along the way, we watched a highly energetic street performance, mesmerised by many locals leisurely cycled by, observed people reading a book along the canal, sipping coffee at their balcony and along at the many street cafes while soaking in the sun …

It was simply enchanting …..

Caught this roadside cafe advertising their "Best Sandwich in Amsterdam"
Amsterdam is a city of bicycles and taking the dog for a walk takes on a whole different meaning
An energetic street performance by some macho guys
The colours of food
Catching up with the news in the morning on his boat house ....
Taking life easy, finding a good spot and reading a good book by the canal
Soaking in the morning sun with a cup of coffee and the morning papers on the balcony overlooking the romantic canal of Armsterdam

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