Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Opportunities Everywhere

I am no professional photographer and neither do I have the best gear in the world but GOD has given me this deep passion to capture what I see or what HE has to show me through my camera and my lens.

With them, I have learnt to appreciate HIS creation more, the places where I go, the food I have tasted and the people that I have met. More importantly, this passion have also helped to open my eyes to see beyond what I would normally see when I go travelling, to be more sensitive and alert for amazing scenes and happenings around me.

Such is the case when I was in Shanxi recently. I was visiting the Yungang Grottoes, where there are over 51,000 Buddha statues and 252 grottoes, some as little as several centimeters with the largest standing over 17 meters tall, carved out from solid rock and into caves, dating back 1500 years ago.

I took plenty of pictures of these (which I will post in a separate post) and most of these pictures would probably be similar somewhat to what other travelers or visitors have taken (some could probably be much better).

But there is one picture which I believe would be my most UNIQUE picture of this place.

As I was crossing the bridge, walking towards to the rocky formation where the statues and grottoes are, I turned back to see if there are any interesting sights behind me. The skies immediately caught my attention. It has been raining prior to our arrival and the skies were slowly clearing up as the sun was setting. What caught my attention was the formation of the clouds right there before my eyes. It was majestic, mesmerizing and in the context of the place of which I was visiting and the foreground of the magnificent temple simply MAGICAL and MIND BLOWING.

Needless to say, my hands were busy clicking away from every angle I could find and think of. 

There she was, the awesome and magical dragon flying across the skies with the sun rays behind her. I stood there for several minutes more before her form `disappeared'. 

I walked away, satisfied, knowing that I have been blessed with one of a lifetime opportunity to capture something that is unique to me at that point in time.

Yes, photo opportunities are everywhere. We just got to be sensitive to our surroundings and allow our heart to feel them.

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