Tuesday, May 17, 2011

National World War II Memorial, Washington DC - the Price for Freedom

July 2010

Right after the Washington Monument and just before the long reflecting pool leading to the Lincoln Memorial, stands the National World War II Memorial.

This memorial is to remember the more than 16 million braves who have fought in the devastating World War II and the over 400,000 who have given their lives in the fight for freedom and against tyranny.

One side of the memorial was dedicated to those who have fought so bravely at the Atlantic while the other is dedicated to those who have braved the fierce jungle and islands of the Pacific.

There was also a Freedom Wall, on the west side of the memorial, with a view of the Reflecting Pool with a total of 4,048 gold stars, each star representing 100 American soldiers who have died in the war. In front of the wall, is inscribed the words, “Here we mark the price of freedom” and a heavy price it was….

I wish that the powers in the world would stand before these 404,800 braves and resolute to maintain freedom and peace without ever paying such a heavy price ever again …but then again, Man is a creature of greed and ambition, both a powerful fuel to the current never ending struggles, conflict and war around the world ….sad isn’t it …..that we will never ever learn …..

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