Saturday, May 7, 2011

Capitol Hill, Washington – Power House where decisions can affect the world

July 2010

We have all seen this famous building so very often in that idiot box sitting in all our living room. The building where some of the world’s most powerful people meet and make decisions that affect the world, affecting you and affecting me, directly or indirectly. This is the building where world leaders meet, discuss, argue and agree on many issues affecting an entire nation.

Therefore, obviously, one of my main focus during my trip to Washington was to ensure that I walked the same ground and get as close as I possibly could to this landmark.

Washington is such an organised city and getting to this building was just a 25 minutes walk from my hotel.

Capitol Hill is more than what I had in mind and the very experience of standing there was mind staggering. Besides being massive, the architecture of this landmark is breathtaking. Looking across the Grant memorial and the reflection pool at Capitol Hill, one could not help but to marvel at the grandeur of this magnificent masterpiece. I was told that the one would know whether the House was in session or whether the Senate and the President is in by simply looking at the flags on either side of the building. Well, when I was there, the President is obviously in since both flags were up.

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  1. A truly magnificient building where BIG decisions with Gigantic repercussions are made everyday!