Thursday, May 12, 2011

White House, Washington DC - where a world leader dreams

The most memorable scene I remembered of this landmark was when it was blasted to dusts by aliens in the movie `Fourth of July'.

This is definitely a landmark that every tourist in Washington DC would visit and I was no different. In fact, this is the FIRST landmark that I made my way to visit on my very first day there, simply because I was curious about the residence of one of the most powerful leader on earth.

One definitely could not get near to this building and security around this site is extremely tight. With the many tourists scrambling to get their picture taken with this building in their background, getting a clear shot was definitely a challenge. Having a telezoom lens would definitely be an advantage here. I was using my Nikkor 18-105mm then and had to wait patiently till I could get a small opening and squeeze my camera through between the steel bars of the iron fence to get a clear shot.

Well, I have fulfilled my dream of having a glimpse with my very own eyes the place where one of the most powerful leader on earth dreams .....

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