Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Capitol City Brewing Company, Washington DC

Located just across the street from Grand Hyatt Washington DC is a restaurant called the Capitol City Brewing Company. I noticed that this place was always full during the lunch hours and even more so during dinners…..

So, I have decided to give this place a try and to find out for myself what she has to offer.

For one my dinners at Washington DC, I walked across the street and I made it a point to arrive early as I have not make any reservation. It is easier to find a seat when you are dining alone.

I was seated at a nice cosy corner. The restaurant was already about 40% full with many tables seemed to be reserved for the soon to arrived dinner crowd.

The menu selection was interesting and appetizing. Being a keen beer drinker and ever ready to try out new local brewed beers, I was looking forward to see the selection of local beers that the restaurant was offering.

They are a couple on the menu, namely the Pale Rider Ale, Capitol Kolsch, the sexy looking Amber Waves Ale and the mafia type Prohibition Porter. Being a foreigner, I have absolutely no idea what to order and hence I went with the waiter’s recommendation of having the Pale Rider Ale.

The Pale Rider Ale is n American style pale ale brewed with English pale and German Munich malts with American Simcoe and Amarillo varieties. It has a floral nose with a smooth finish.

It was good and I had two for the night.

For my main, I ordered the BBQ Pork Ribs and man, was I shock when it was served….IT WAS HUGE!!!!! And I’m Asian, a small eater and I’m all alone. The portion served could have easily served four where I come from….

The pork ribs were good though a little dry..

By 7:30pm, the dinner crowd was already pouring in and soon the place was packed. Soon the noise level became a little unbearable for a man drinking alone and it’s time to leave….

I walked across the street with a full and satisfied stomach…back the hotel lounge to have another couple of drinks before I drag myself to my comfortable bed…all ready for another day of exciting sights, sounds and taste of Washington DC…

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