Friday, July 8, 2011

La Tomatoe Bistro, Dupont Point, Washington DC - first date for Chelsea Clinton

Washington DC has excellent city tours. The one I particularly like was the Hop on and Hop off Old Town Trolley Tours. This quaint little trolley-like tram has three routes that basically take you to almost every visitor must-go sites in Washington DC. I took this for all the days that I need to travel in Washington DC.

One of the routes that take me to the National Cathedral passes by the famous Dupont Circle and one particular Italian bistro caught my attention…the La Tomate Bistro ….
Why? Because this was apparently the bistro where Chelsea Clinton has her very first date…Just can’t imagine the level of security and the number for special agents that must covered the area to secure it….. I just can’t imagine being the date, with dozens of security personnel covering every corner of the building….emmm…must be hell of an experience, and a pretty weird one too I assumed….

One of the drop-off point for the Old town Trolley is pretty near to this bistro. Hence, I just hop off and headed there for my lunch….

The restaurant setup is very comfortable. I was seated near the windows looking towards the street. Though the sun was shining in and was a little too bright, it was still nice to be able to see what’s happening outside….

I ordered a risotto and a bottle of Peak Organic Beer Nut Brown Ale, a beer brewed out of Portland, Maine. ( The risotto was good and the beer, excellent.

At least, while I was in Washington DC, I had lunch where Chelsea Clinton had her dinner while on her very first date. I read that she was married recently. Just wondering whether her first date turned out to be her husband ultimately…..


  1. It's a nice place, made even more meaningful by its history, culture and the people.

  2. Can tell me or share with me how you travel around the world? business or holiday? wish to know and interested to know more, as i have same blood as u, the blood of loving traveling!