Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New York - Not a very good first impression to me

July 2010

Been busy with the arrival of our new baby girl last month. Hence got really tied up with changing nappies and night feed...Yawwwnnnnnn........(visit my other blog at http://babynme2008.blogspot.com) on our new baby girl and the pictures of our little princess...

Back to our travelling blog.

Leaving Washington, the capital of USA which is well organised, clean and where the pace was much much slower, arriving the JFK Airport was a totally different experience. Everything is moving at a much faster pace and sadly, the people are less friendly. In fact some are downright rude! (Is it because we are Asians or Chinese or Malaysian, coming from a Muslim country? Go figure!)

The taxi ride from the airport to our Park Central Hotel was a harrowing experience to say the least. I thought taxi drivers in Malaysia are `rude'. You should try taking a ride with NYC cabs. They are not exactly a courteous lot.

I was telling my wife that I prefer Washington anytime and was doubtful whether I would be enjoying my stay at New York for the next five days.

We were booked at the Park Central Hotel which is just 5 minutes walk away from Times Square and 5 minutes walk from the famous Central Park. Definitely a recommended hotel if you are thinking of staying in NYC.

Now that we have checked in, I was excited to see and explore NEW YORK!

First stop....the ever famous TIMES SQUARE !

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