Sunday, October 16, 2011

New York - 5th Avenue (Deep Pockets Required)

July 2010

5th Avenue was just 2 streets away from my hotel and it's definitely the street that any visitor to New York must go, especially if you are really into shopping but a word of caution though ...deep pockets required else it's window shopping while drooling over the world of high fashion, catering for the the rich and famous and those with an expensive taste...

Unlike the shops back in Malaysia, these outlets close pretty early and hence the best time to go would be during the day and one day is certainly not enough.
The Apple Store located on 5th Avenue New York. This is a must go place for any fan of the late Steve Jobs. When we were there, Ipad was the `in thing' and I had my chance playing with one. Waiting period for delivery then in New York - 4 weeks !!!
For the ladies, this is definitely one building that you would want to check it out....LV, something that every lady would love to have or already have in their arsenal ....
"Money Money Money's a rich man's world"....time to get me a lottery ticket before heading back here for my next visit ....


  1. dropping by :D tx for visiting my blog!

  2. Hey, nice photos you had! I'm a Nikon lover too ^^

  3. cool pic... love the way you angle it, am trying similar concept in my trips too but couldnt find tall skyscraper.

  4. Hi! I am back to blogging after slaving for weeks. Your photos are damn pretty and gorgeous! Made me wanna cry cos I used to hang out in Manhattan during my student days. I miss those days after seeing your pics. I stayed once at Marriott in Times Square which offered fabulous view like your photos.

  5. nice photos~

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  6. nice photography for the buildings ;)

  7. Very nice photographs!!! I'm impressed. I would like to learn photography myself, but I think I'm already doing too much stuff. Thank you for stopping by my blog Poppin' Cents and leaving me a nice comment!

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