Thursday, November 15, 2012

Club Med Kani Maldives - Romantic Cruise into the Sunset

Our boat sped towards open sea, bouncing off the waves.

“There ! There! Dolphins!” the lookout man at the helm of the boat shouted and pointed to the left.

Immediately, the boat took a sharp left turn, speeding towards the direction the lookout has pointed at.
Everyone on board edged forward, excited and trying to catch a glimpse of the wild dolphins that were said to be aplenty and would gaily swim alongside tourist’s boats, as if toying with us. And yes, there in front of us a school of dolphins racing through the waters and as our boat drew near, they were swimming alongside us and occasionally underneath us. It was truly an experience of a lifetime for me, seeing this magnificent and reported to be very smart creatures so near and so free and not in captivity or trained to perform in shows and performances. 

Taking the sunset cruise at Club Med Kani Maldives is definitely an activity that one should not miss. Besides being able to view these wild dolphins up close, the sunset on a clear day is nothing short of magical.
What could be better than watching the sun slowly setting beyond a seemingly unending horizon among interesting clouds formation in equally stunning colours, with a glass of champagne in one hand, while the other holding the hand of your lover, and her hair occasionally brushes against your face, blown by the sea breeze.
We had wanted to do this when we were in Club Med Bali but unfortunately all the excursions were fully booked. Hence, when we were in Maldives, we made it a point to drop by the counter the very next morning after we arrived and got ourselves a place on the first boat that goes out that very evening.

And we were very fortunate because the skies were clear and the sunset simply mesmerizing. This are the moments in life that you would want to share with the one closest to you by your side, and Maldives is one place that gives you plenty of opportunity to do so.
So, if you are ever have the opportunity to travel to Maldives, take that cruise and I guarantee you that you will walk away with an unforgettable experience.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Club Med Kani Maldives - Paradise on Earth

A school of five silver color fish slowly makes their way to where I was sitting, a small little wooden platform at our lagoon suite villa, my legs dipped in the icy cold water, inches away from the green, oh so green seaweed on fine white sand, waving gently under the magical spell of the sea current.

Meters away, a lone black tip baby shark of a meter long, cruises by oblivious to my presence. A sudden disturbance in the seabed caught my attention. A grey mantra ray of almost three feet in diameter glides by.

The sound of waves beating against the concrete pillars of the villa coupled with the gentle sea breeze blowing onto my face and the dancing sunlight reflected on the clear blue seabed has almost an hypnotizing effect. For a moment, you are in complete total peace with yourself, with mother nature, with God. For that one moment, the world you know and left behind does not seemed to exist or matter.

There is only you, the sea, the blue skies with fluffy white clouds drifting by and the wind, blowing and singing her gentle soothing melody.

This is Maldives.
Club Med Kani @ Maldives is every bit a paradise on earth that she was advertised to be. We booked ours when Club Med ran their annual “Buy one free one” promotion and we went all the way, the exclusive Lagoon Suites, reputed to be THE way to truly enjoy Club Med Kani, and we were definitely NOT DISAPPOINTED!
The Lagoon suites are wooden chalets built on water, each with their very own wooden platform with a staircase leading down to the shallow clear water where one can easily access for a cold dip among the schools of wild seawater fish, an occasional mantra ray or even a black tip baby shark, gliding over the wavering seaweeds.
As I have mentioned in my earlier post, Club Med Kani Maldives is definitely a heaven for honeymooners or couples who would love to get away for a romantic getaway or simply to reignite the passion that often times, took a back seat in our hectic family life once the children arrived.
In comparison to Club Med Bali, Bintan or Cherating, I would still rate Club Med Bintan Island has having one of the best stretch of beaches with fluffy white sand but in terms of water clarity and marine life, Club Med Kani absolutely wins hands down.
In terms of guest mixture, just like Club Med Bali, 85% of the guests during our stay were from mainland China but then again, they are everywhere nowadays, especially with their cash, purchasing power and wealth. With their presence, expect their loudness, their knack of not understanding what queuing is all about and above all, their rather `LOUD’ sense of dressing and color matching (at least to us). But then again, that is who they are and just like anyone else, they are entitled to behave and wear whatever they desires. With my recent exposure in Beijing (where I have just recently relocated to), I have come to understand and accept these seemingly `weird’ sense of behaviour or dressing and underneath all those differences, they are just like you or me.
Food wise, Club Med Kani would rank just below Club Med Bali as far as we are concerned. There are still reasonable selection of dishes that changes almost everyday.
There is no Petite or Mini Club here, hence, bringing young children here would not be too advisable, unless you are prepared to baby sit them your entire stay. But then again, why would you want to fly half way across the globe and then baby sit your little `Energizer bunnies’ when you can do that at home, while the ocean and the waves beckons you to put on your sexy two piece and simply dive in among the sharks and the rays, with your other half.
Taking the Lagoon Suites, also provide some exclusive benefits such as the exclusive Mantra Lounge with free flowing beer, wine and champagne.
You could also arrange for your breakfast to be brought over to your suite at the time you specified so that you could simply just have your breakfast in leisure with your lover, with a view that one would die for, the ocean stretching endlessly beyond the horizon and an occasional curious seagull flying past.
I am also not sure if this comes with the fact that we stayed at the Lagoon Suites, but I get a full bottle of either red or white wine for every lunch or dinner we had. In fact, there was even one lunch, where the Restaurant Manager was so kind that he actually opened a bottle of rose and a bottle of chardonnay for both of us. Since, my wife hardly drinks, needless to say, the task of finishing both bottles were left entirely to yours truly, who is not complaining one bit. 

Although there are still plenty of activities to participate while holidaying in Club Med just like any other Club Med, this is one Club Med that you would rather spent some quiet, serene and private moments with your better half, which was we did when we were there, except taking part in two cooking lessons sessions.
This is definitely one destination that everyone should seriously consider at least once in a lifetime.

We took an evening sunset cruise and it was simply magical. More of that in my next post.