Friday, July 8, 2011

La Tomatoe Bistro, Dupont Point, Washington DC - first date for Chelsea Clinton

Washington DC has excellent city tours. The one I particularly like was the Hop on and Hop off Old Town Trolley Tours. This quaint little trolley-like tram has three routes that basically take you to almost every visitor must-go sites in Washington DC. I took this for all the days that I need to travel in Washington DC.

One of the routes that take me to the National Cathedral passes by the famous Dupont Circle and one particular Italian bistro caught my attention…the La Tomate Bistro ….
Why? Because this was apparently the bistro where Chelsea Clinton has her very first date…Just can’t imagine the level of security and the number for special agents that must covered the area to secure it….. I just can’t imagine being the date, with dozens of security personnel covering every corner of the building….emmm…must be hell of an experience, and a pretty weird one too I assumed….

One of the drop-off point for the Old town Trolley is pretty near to this bistro. Hence, I just hop off and headed there for my lunch….

The restaurant setup is very comfortable. I was seated near the windows looking towards the street. Though the sun was shining in and was a little too bright, it was still nice to be able to see what’s happening outside….

I ordered a risotto and a bottle of Peak Organic Beer Nut Brown Ale, a beer brewed out of Portland, Maine. ( The risotto was good and the beer, excellent.

At least, while I was in Washington DC, I had lunch where Chelsea Clinton had her dinner while on her very first date. I read that she was married recently. Just wondering whether her first date turned out to be her husband ultimately…..

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Capitol City Brewing Company, Washington DC

Located just across the street from Grand Hyatt Washington DC is a restaurant called the Capitol City Brewing Company. I noticed that this place was always full during the lunch hours and even more so during dinners…..

So, I have decided to give this place a try and to find out for myself what she has to offer.

For one my dinners at Washington DC, I walked across the street and I made it a point to arrive early as I have not make any reservation. It is easier to find a seat when you are dining alone.

I was seated at a nice cosy corner. The restaurant was already about 40% full with many tables seemed to be reserved for the soon to arrived dinner crowd.

The menu selection was interesting and appetizing. Being a keen beer drinker and ever ready to try out new local brewed beers, I was looking forward to see the selection of local beers that the restaurant was offering.

They are a couple on the menu, namely the Pale Rider Ale, Capitol Kolsch, the sexy looking Amber Waves Ale and the mafia type Prohibition Porter. Being a foreigner, I have absolutely no idea what to order and hence I went with the waiter’s recommendation of having the Pale Rider Ale.

The Pale Rider Ale is n American style pale ale brewed with English pale and German Munich malts with American Simcoe and Amarillo varieties. It has a floral nose with a smooth finish.

It was good and I had two for the night.

For my main, I ordered the BBQ Pork Ribs and man, was I shock when it was served….IT WAS HUGE!!!!! And I’m Asian, a small eater and I’m all alone. The portion served could have easily served four where I come from….

The pork ribs were good though a little dry..

By 7:30pm, the dinner crowd was already pouring in and soon the place was packed. Soon the noise level became a little unbearable for a man drinking alone and it’s time to leave….

I walked across the street with a full and satisfied stomach…back the hotel lounge to have another couple of drinks before I drag myself to my comfortable bed…all ready for another day of exciting sights, sounds and taste of Washington DC…