Thursday, May 3, 2012

Club Med Bali, Bintan Island and Cherating Comparison (Part I)

We have the opportunity to travel to three different Club Meds within the region over the last 10 months, namely, Club Med Bali in September 2011, Club Med Cherating in February 2012 and recently Club Med Bintan Island in April 2012. When I was young, listening to the fun and type of holiday at Club Med always excited me. It is the type of holiday that I had always wanted and being able to go there for a holiday to me then, was like, “You have made it in life to be able to afford that kind of luxury.” That was almost 20 years ago. Well, I finally have `made it in life’ to afford to pamper myself (that also because Club Med ran a promotion of Buy One Free One offer recently).

 Did it meet all my expectations? Yes and no and that depends largely on which Club Med you are referring to. I must said that all three Club Meds are different although there are supposed to be operated on the same concept. Since all three experiences are still fresh in my mind, I will dedicate the next few post to run a comparison between the three based on my personal taste, experience, opinion and liking ….

Village Grounds 

Club Med Bali village is seated on 14 hectares of plush greenery and will manicured gardens. In terms village ground, Club Med Cherating Malaysia comes up tops, seating on over 80 hectares. Although no mention was made anywhere in the Club Med websites, Club Med Bintan Island comes across as probably the smallest of the three. In terms of first impression, Club Med Cherating tops maily due to her large village ground and plenty of sea view as one drives into the village whereas both Club Med Bintan Island and Bali does not look very much like the resort they are positioned to be but looks can be deceiving. I must say the lobby for Club Med Cherating and Club Med Bali are more impressive due to the architecture. Club Med Bintan Island is more modern and smaller.


Club Med Cherating has the largest children pool which is almost the size of the adult if not larger, hence making it more children friendly but also at the same time more dangerous as it becomes so much difficult to watch out for you children, especially if you are watching them from the deck chairs.

Club Med Bali on the other hand has a reasonable size children pool but the largest adult pool of the three. In fact, it is so huge that they actually uses the pool as the stage for the night shows when we were staying there.

Club Med Bintan Island on the other hand, has the smallest pool area and their children pool is not exactly children friendly as the shallowest part is still 1.5meters. Hence, putting the children on floats and watching over them like a hawk is absolutely necessary.

Watch out next for a comparison on rooms, food and restaurants ......


  1. Hey beautiful photos~
    Heard so much about Club Med but never been there yet!

  2. Been twice to Club Med Bintan with kids aged 3 and 6, respectively 4 and 7 the year after. No problems with the pools as our kids are confident swimmers (yes, even the 3 year old) however, I understand that not all young children can swim that well yet. Stunning location but rooms a bit outdated, specially for that price. Food so so but location of seaside terrace restaurant almost unbeatable. Spas ditto. We enjoyed the secluded location very much, dream beach.. Will try Club Med Bali this year. Rooms look a bit more modern. Our kids love Club Med. However, have been to Club Med in Agadir (Marroco) before I had kids and loved the all inclusive concept, specially since I am into sports a lot. European clubs (and North Africa) offer more aerobic classes and group fitness though.