Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Atlanta Georgia : Downtown - Peachtree Street

This was my first visit to Atlanta actually. My wife was here several years back and I remembered her telling me about CNN and Coca Cola and that was predominantly what I had in mind when our plane touched down after a very very long flight.

We grab a cab, driven by an Indian national and the journey was a rather harrowing experience. Firstly he was a very impatient and reckless driver, cursing at every corner and at every traffic lights. Suddenly, the taxi drivers we had in Beijing, China were like angels. Secondly, he did not take any highways to avoid the traffic jam but drove through some residential areas which was predominantly black community. Pardon me but unfortunately, being Asians who have had some very bad pre-conceived impression of blacks, I was very apprehensive as we drove on and on and on...passing by houses and streets, seeing the homeless and of course, the tall and muscular teenagers in all their fashion and attire which seemed strange to a Chinese like myself. 

I was very glad as we leave the residential area behind and came into downtown Atlanta. We were staying at Hyatt Regency located along Peachtree Street, which is like the main street in downtown Atlanta. 
Hyatt Regency is a very impressive hotel. The rooms are spacious, nice, clean and comfortable. We managed to negotiate to get one on a higher floor looking across some very nice skyline. However, for a hotel of this caliber and for the price paid, I was rather surprised that they do not provide complimentary bottle water or even a water kettle to boil hot water.
Our room in Hyatt Regency, Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Staying along Peachtree Street at downtown Atlanta is definitely a good choice when visiting Atlanta. Firstly, most restaurants, cafes and pubs are located along this street. Staying at Hyatt Regency, Hardrock Cafe and Hooters for example was just 5 minutes walk away.
Most of the reputable hotels are also located around this area, such as Ritz Carlton, Marriott Atlanta Marquis and Westin.
Hardrock Cafe Atlanta and the Westin Hotel in the background ....

Downtown Atlanta is also just minutes walk away from several of the most visited tourist attraction of Atlanta such as the World of Coca Cola, CNN Center, Atlanta Aquarium and the Olympic Park.

So, if you are ever visiting Atlanta, do consider staying around Peachtree Street where almost everything is easily within reach and a couple of minutes walk away .....

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