Thursday, April 21, 2016


I have been Seattle a couple of times before. I have seen pictures of this magnificent waterfall before but hardly had the time or made the time to visit it.

During the recent visit though, we made it a point to drop by and have a look and I was definitely not disappointed. With the winter just over and spring setting in, the warmer weather has started to melt the snow and the ice, bringing along huge torrents of crystal clear water pouring down the waterfall to the rapids below.

This the the Snoqualmie Falls, approximately a 20 minutes drive from Sammamish, a fall of over 82 meters or 268 feet tall, crashing with such awesome power below. Most of the water are diverted into the power plants to generate electricity but when it rains or when the snow and ice melts, the abundance of the water clearly demonstrates the sheer power of it's flow.

Taking a slow walk to the another viewing spot at the bottom of the falls is also another must for it is here that one could see the waterfall from a different perspective nestled among the cliffs and pine trees and the fast flowing rapids.

I must give due credit for these last two shots because it was my wife who pointed out this angle of taking the waterfall between the towering pine trees. It was a difficult shot to take, considering that the sun has already set, light was fading and the brightness of the waterfall in the background totally overshadows the interesting pine trees that frames it. I took a couple of shot. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.


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